Lawrenceburg Animal Shelter

FOLCA’s current project is a fundraising effort for the City of Lawrenceburg’s new Animal Shelter, which will be constructed near the existing Shelter and the Mitzi L. Sweet Memorial Dog Park.

Lawrenceburg Animal Control Officer Rene Segraves is doing an awesome job with the program she was hired to direct in 2013. With help from the city, volunteers, and donors, she transformed the existing Shelter into a facility that was light-years away from the sad space it once was.

Since then hundreds of dogs have come through the shelter, and an incredible 98% are returned to their homes or go to new forever homes.

The existing building is much too small to meet the city’s needs. Its electrical system is outdated and dangerous. The roof leaks, and part of the ceiling is falling. The concrete block building has no insulation and is uncomfortable for the dogs and humans who care for them.

The new facility will be 5,000 square feet, more than doubling the space of the current one. It will feature improved laundry, bathing, grooming, restrooms, medical isolation and treatment rooms, and a space where folks interested in adoption can get to know their new friends.

Woman holding dog's paw outdoors, closeup. Concept of volunteering